Got a great idea for a startup,
web-based service or internal system?

It’s time for an app.


Great Apps.

We build custom apps that can do anything from combining custom forms and workflows, to video, gaming, payments and social media on desktop, iOS and Android.

The user experience

We start with the user experience - the way your app is going to work and feel. We use smart tools like interactive wireframes and prototypes to so you too can envision how it will work - all before we write a line of code.

Web apps

Web applications are a great way to build - they are fast and engaging and work across desktops, phones and tablets, but you can build features faster with lower costs and users can use it right away without even going to an app store.

Apps for phones

We build smarter phone and tablet apps with clean code on frameworks like Angular and Ionic that give you faster build times and easier cross platform capabilities or fully native.

Transform your business

It's time to move on from your clunky internal systems. a custom app will give you tools your business needs to grow with decreased training, improve efficiency and the maximum user adoption.

Learn our app Secrets

Read on the see samples and learn about our process. Or just contact us now.

Go native

Building a full native app does have it’s limitations as it needs to be written separately for each platform – iOS, Android and Web – If this is you, no problem, we can take care of it.

Team work

Big projects often need a dedicated or in-house team. In Many client work with us on the User Interface, specification and wireframing phase and then we take on an advisor role with their dedicated development team.

Store Wrangling

Getting your app on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store is included. We are also skilled at ongoing updates and maintenance that keeps your app fresh.

Nice Back End

No app is an island. Syncing, uploading and connecting to other systems is a key requirement. We can work with your existing APIs or build the back end grunt for your app at a reasonable cost.

A proven approach

Apps can be complex and there are many moving parts to consider. We separate our app development process into 2 stages – Spec & UI and build. This way we can figure everything .

Stage 1 – Spec and UI

We figure everything out with you prior to any code being done, this reduces overall development time and cost, by thinking things through prior to build.

  1. Requirements and Estimate
    We define the overall requirements for the project along with an estimate of the overall development costs
  2. Specification
    An in-depth specification defines the required functions and features
  3. Interactive Wireframes
    We create an interactive wireframe so you can try out the app functions on your device and make any adjustments
  4. User Interface
    We create the full user interface design based on the interactive wireframes
  5. Project plan and costing
    With the app fully defined we can give a roadmap for building the various features and a more detailed budget

Stage 2 – Build

We use an agile process for building with a focus on delivering functions quickly in a modular fashion.

  1. Prototype - Where appropriate we prototype the overall function first for feedback and ensure it’s going to work prior to writing the full code
  2. Build - We write a bunch of code. Coffee is also used. We test as we go.
  3. Feedback - We release a staging version for the code for your testing and user feedback. We go back to build to make any adjustments until it’s ready to go.
  4. Release - We release the improvement to users and go on to the next part of the project

A 3 month warranty and ongoing support services to give you the help you need and keep the app in tip top shape.

Some Great Apps.

Whether it's on a desktop or a tablet, our work speaks for itself. Check out some of the apps we have prepared earlier.

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