What is SEO?

Search engine optimization dayton (SEO) is about getting more people to your website by improving your location in search engine results.  SEO utilises organic and unpaid search results as a means of promoting visitors. You can also do SEM, which involves paid advertisements to do this. The best thing about optimising your website for search engine results through SEO, it doesn’t involve any payments to search engines. It does, however, involve a fair amount of consideration time and specific techniques, to have SEO work to your company’s advantage, and get more customers clicking through to your website.

The idea behind SEO, is that if your website link appears higher in Search Engine Results, that there is a higher chance of customers visiting your website by getting a click here from the highly ranked results and a higher chance of these customers being relevant to you. There are numerous arguments surrounding the progressing importance of SEO, due to the immense number of businesses and websites on the web, and modern drive-by culture. It’s to no ones surprise, that it can be promotionally beneficial to therefore, have your website seen more often, and seen more often first. There is also a common theory that customers attach feelings of quality and trust with higher ranking search results, and are thus, more likely to visit your website.

Optimising your website and it’s presence, for search engines, involves prioritising the content of your website for various online searches. These searches could be product or industry specific, local searches, or image and video searches. So more literally, you can write content to include: words, meta tag lines, and phrases, that are commonly searched for by your customers. The more often these words appear in your website content, the higher your website’s likelihood of appearing at the top of respective search results. The same goes for the inclusion of relevant videos, images, and references to location.

The same things that make SEO profitable, also make it a somewhat risky, and delicate venture. This is because in optimizing your website with Stellar SEO content, you must also ensure that readability, and navigation throughout your site isn’t harmed. Once your customers get to your website, it’s still important to lead them to sale, or give them the information they need. If your website is heavy in content, and you want to implement an SEO strategy, then it can be beneficial to talk to an expert, or work with a professional copywriter.

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