Design with Precision = Confidence.

How do you sell a suit?

Precision Tailors A6 Promotional Postcard

Well, first off, it helps if it’s not just any suit.  We were well and truly covered on that count: the client was Mark Ferguson of Precision Tailors, and let me tell you, that guy does a mean suit.

But what is a suit, really? And why would you spend your hard-earned cash on a made-to-order, tailored suit by Precision? The answer to this question is what we had to communicate to Mark’s potential clients.

And the answer is: confidence.

When you put on a tailored suit, and the cut is just right, and the fabric is of beautiful quality, and the workmanship is practically perfect in every way — you get a swagger in your step, because you know you look good.

People see the swagger first; it’s the confidence that gets you noticed. The fine cut of your suit merely lends credence to the kind of man people already know you are.

But how do you sell confidence?

Hot design tip #1: Good photography is worth the investment. Good photography wins every time. Hands-down, much of the best design work we produce has good photography in common.

“Romeo looks down the barrel of a gun at you – he looks like a million bucks. He’s taking your money, and your girl too.”

And we were very fortunate, with this job, to have a massive arsenal of awesome photography to choose from. The main challenge was picking the photo that best conveyed the confidence you’ll feel when wearing a Precision Tailors suit.

The decision came down to two contenders, in exhibit A below.

In the one on the left, our Romeo looks lovely and his suit sits perfectly; but in the image on our right, Romeo looks down the barrel of a gun at you – he looks like a million bucks. He’s taking your money, and your girl too.

You already know that the suit is perfect; it doesn’t really matter that it’s sitting slightly askew. Because the confidence he exudes is what the customer is buying.

Selecting the right image

Game, set and match.

We compiled the design with both options for our client – with beautiful typography laid in on the reverse, and a photo of Romeo with his Juliet, to win over the brides who might be shopping with him.  The tailoring process was succinctly explained on the reverse of the card, with a nice, clear call to action in the footer.

And of course, our confident Romeo got the girl (or the design gig, at least).

Precision Tailors A6 Postcard showing front and back

Graphic design for Precision Tailors A6 Postcard

Graphic design for Precision Tailors A6 Postcard

Hats off to Kwintowski Photography for a gorgeous job well done.

If you’re in the market for a damn fine suit, and you live in Brisbane (or somewhere else in Australia), Mark at Precision can fix you up a set of gorgeous threads using some of the best quality materials available.

And if you’re in the market for some clever design, talk to the clever kids behind good marketing.


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