Really, actually, sincere Real Estate marketing

Remax Everything Property Group Riparian Plaza Flyer

What’s the first thing that happens when you get a Real Estate marketing flyer in the mailbox?

More often than not, it goes straight into the rubbish. Because you already know that all those agents are exactly like all those other agents you’ve dealt with before.  “Call us for a free market appraisal!”, or, “We have interested buyers ready and waiting!”

It’s slimy, it’s predictable, and it’s generic.

So when Stephen from the Remax Everything Property Group spoke to me about sending direct mail to luxury residential apartment owners in Riparian Plaza and Quay West in Brisbane, we knew that whatever we sent them had to be something sincere and passionate.

Communicating sincerity in Real Estate?

The great thing about Stephen Pahl is that he is a sincere and passionate Agent, and we thought the best thing to do was to start by giving the recipients something they might actually like to see – a beautiful, architectural photo of their building – and follow it up by showcasing his passion and understanding of these luxury residential buildings.

With carefully crafted copy, we broached a friendly and knowledgeable familiarity with each property and opted for non-pushy, approachable call to action, highlighting Stephen’s expertise in inner-city luxury property marketing, his professionalism, and a simple statement of services.

To top it off, we asked Stephen to sign each marketing card by hand in blue biro – to make it clear that this was definitely not a generic, printed signature. We wanted his market to see that he was all about little details and going the extra mile.

The results? An immediate response.

The impact of a well thought out marketing approach is that it gets noticed, and your target market responds and enquirers, I’ve used these guys before from and their marketing strategies definitely have an impact.  This is exactly what happened for Stephen:

“The very next day after mail out to Riparian Plaza I had an immediate client reponse. That’s the bottom line!”

It makes us incredibly enthused to see that with clever, well-worded copy, and a simple and elegant design, we were able to show Stephen as a professional, sincere and experienced Agent worthy of his market’s business.

“I wanted to especially thank you and your team for a great job done on my Riparian Plaza and Quay West brochures. They look fantastic and all the hard work identifying and defining a unique positioning statement and approach for this project speaks for itself in the immediate results obtained from the target audience.”

Remax Everything Property Group Quay West Flyer

Remax Everything Property Group Riparian Plaza Flyer for Stephen Pahl



    • julia

      You’re absolutely correct, Jeff – the image was supplied to us by the management team at Quay West. The client received permission from Quay West’s general manager for it’s use. It would have been entirely inappropriate to use it without permission.

      By using an existing photo, we were able to ensure that we could do the work for the team at Everything Property Group for a great price, and save having to go out and shoot the site for the purpose of one flyer! Luckily with the Riparian flyer, we were able to get an original image supplied to us by one of our favourite photographers, Phil Hargreaves. Thanks Phil!

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