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2020, A D&D Odyssey


Roll a 20 this year

In a quest to obtain ultimate geekdom, the Niche crew had a great time last year playing Dungeons & Dragons.

We realised there are some great lessons we learnt that can be applied to your business in the digital space. Don’t be afraid though, this is a safe space. We don’t want to risk losing you so early in the year when there are so many sweet, sweet newsletters to send.

It’s all about building character

In D&D, rolling a 20 is a critical success, which means that you are guaranteed a successful outcome. This year, we want to help you roll a 20, so we thought we would share some of our (+5) wisdom.

Know your race

Dwarf, Elf or Aarakocra, knowing your race is about knowing your origins and gaining vital insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses (perhaps with a SWOT analysis) is a great place to start the year.

We like doing post-it note SWOTS as they get participation from everyone, show commonly raised topics and are self-documenting.

Have some class

“People have jobs, but adventurers have classes.” Knowing your class means knowing your role. In your market and in your work, this knowledge inevitably brings direction and clarity.

Consider these questions:
What is your role?
How did your role change last year?

How do you want it to change this year?
Write it down and make it happen.

Don’t be an NPC*

*A Non-Player Character controlled by the Dungeon Master.

Build a strong, memorable brand, which helps differentiate you from your competitors. Spread the good word and partake in campaigns. Even if you have been in business for a while, reaffirm your character’s presence on the board!

Take a step back and look at your current brand and website. Do they still represent you, do they take you where you want to go?

We’re always game

Rolling the dice can be fun, but there are some things we never role play. We’re always here to help your campaign progress. Let’s talk about your plans for the year and how we can level up.

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