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A 1-page creative brief


To get a great website, you need a great brief. It’s the link between client needs, and actual design output.

We hate paperwork so have culled our creative brief down to just the essentials.

Feel free to use it on your own projects. Note that in our own work, we never make clients complete a brief document, it’s our job to get the information from them and then create the brief for them. This helps the process and adds value.

1. The Client

About the client – What type of business do hey run, their current position in the marketplace, USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions)

2. The Product

About the product/products what are we selling. If there are existing materials and content, this is a good time to provide it.

3. Target consumer

Who are we selling to. Give a brief profile of each market.

4. Product benefits

All the reasons why the product is awesome.

5. Principal benefit or promise to the consumer

The  most important benefit, the one we will focus the message around. Give supporting reasons to this benefit is possible.

6. Tone of the advertising

Describe the tone for the creative, such as; corporate, friendly, contemporary, humorous, etc. Give examples if it helps.

7. Brand character

Similar to the previous questions but about the brand in general. Provide existing corporate identity, style guide and reference material.

8. Competitors

Competitors may not always be other businesses it may be other activities or restrictions.

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