We hope santa finds our new office

Dear Santa,

Sorry our letter is so late, we hope we have not missed you.

We have moved! Yay! We made a little map for you, so you can still deliver our presents this year. I want Lego! We are now down by the bay in Wynnumm.

It will be easy to find us as we are in the old hexagonal Chrysler Showroom. Brrooom Brroom! Below is our wish list for Christmas.

Our wish list for Christmas

1. For our clients to actually get some time to relax and have an amazing break this Christmas period.

2. For many more internet cat Memes, especially ones about wrapping your cat in Christmas paper.


3. That everyone updates their Internet Explorer to at least IE9 or gets Chrome.

And finally!!!

4. Lots and lots and lots of lego!

We really can’t wait for you to visit Santa.

The very good boys and girls,
at Niche Studio.

P.S how cool is our new office!


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