Aspiring Full Stack Developer (PHP, JS, WordPress)

Location: Wynnum, Qld
Workplace Type: On-Site, Hybrid or Remote
Employment Type: Full-Time/Part-Time
Last updated: April 2022

We are looking for an Aspiring Full Stack Developer with experience using PHP, JS and WordPress who is excited by what can be achieved on the web.

About Niche

Niche Studio is an established Brisbane design & development agency. We have been building sites for over 20 years.

We are a team of 10 design and code nerds that create websites and web apps with delightful user experiences to make our clients more successful and productive. We build great web stuff.

We use best practices and processes, find the best technology fit, and create long-term success for our clients.

Working at Niche

We value our team, clients, and users. We believe in embracing differences and giving our team the freedom to do their best work where they see fit, while feeling supported and included. By learning from each team member’s unique interests, experience, and expertise, we all grow.

The Role

We are looking for an Aspiring Full Stack Developer with experience using PHP, JS and WordPress who is excited by what can be achieved on the web.

About you

  • You like to keep your finger on the pulse of web trends and are keen to share them. New developments in JAMstack? Let us know! Found an interesting article on Hacker News? Share it in Slack!
  • We are a small, tight-knit team. You are confident that your technical solutions are sustainable and can be supported by the team.
  • Experience working in an agency or freelancing is beneficial. We work with many clients, and managing time among projects is very important.
  • PHP development is our bread and butter. You can wield PHP’s strengths — and navigate its weaknesses — to create great online experiences.
  • You know that good WordPress development is way more just than installing themes and plugins. You can get down in the guts to hook in for some action.
  • We use the Roots WordPress Stack. It is WordPress done the right way with source control, package management and a proper development process.
  • Experience with an MVC framework like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, etc. will be very beneficial. You understand how this structured approach to development helps produce clean and maintainable code.
  • We will look at experience with a modern frontend JavaScript framework (Vue, React, Svelte) very favourably. We aren’t looking for someone who evangelises one framework. We are looking for someone who knows the fundamentals and are ready to use the right tool for the right job (even if it is sometimes jQuery!).
  • We use Ansible to provide managed hosting for sites we build. You are confident hacking away at a Linux shell to keep the lights on.
  • Our whole team wants to invest in you. Invest with their knowledge, passion, and friendship along with the company’s money of course.
  • Salary will be consummate with experience and there is flexibility in work hours and a blend of work from home and in the office. We all know there is more to life than work.
  • Experience to us isn’t measured in years. We want to know you have lived and breathed what we do and know your stuff.
  • Learn more about working at Niche and our values at:

If you think you are the nerd we are looking for, then please share your CV along with your GitHub profile and let’s talk about making great web stuff.

Join us. It is the only way.

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