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Analytics & BI Dashboards

Digital Marketing

You can't improve what you don't measure. Track your advertising campaigns, website conversions and marketing with clean email reports and an on-demand dashboard that shows your goals and performance at-a-glance.

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A solution that works across all areas of your business and is independent of any individual supplier.

Start with digital performance and then bring in business KPIs, sales and finance data to track performance and make insights.

See exactly how many enquiries you are getting, from what source and how much they cost you. Use this information in experiments and to inform your strategy.

To make your marketing spend on all mediums measurable and accountable, we ensure your campaigns and conversions are being set up and tracked correctly. To do this, We use Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio and Search Console along with correctly tagging and setting up your site and marketing services. 

We will provide a custom dashboard and email reports that will keep you on top of things:

  • Campaigns
  • Conversions
  • eCommerce
  • On-site Search
  • Users‌
  • Analytics
  • Acquisition
  • Search Performance

Make the right decisions to grow your business.

Dashboard Features

Audit the site’s performance in page speed insights and the Google search console in addition to an audit of the site with our analysis tools. Review the site and ensure that analytics tracking is set up correctly.

Page audit
Google’s Lighthouse audits are used to recommend improvements and benchmark the site speed is also tested.

Internal audit
An internal review and checklist to ensure the site and its SEO plugins are set up correctly.

The performance of all of your marketing campaigns including email, Adwords and Facebook along with cost data.

Analytics data comes from Google Analytics tracking and give us general site trends and health data. We look at sessions, language and country, popular pages.

Track conversion of form completion, phone and direction link clicks and purchases.

How users are finding the site including Organic Search, Paid Search, Direct, Referral and Social

eCommerce transactions, source and conversion rate and product performance where available.

Search Performance
Your search position, keywords and performance

On-site Search
If you have a built-in search function on your site, we track what people are looking for to identify navigation issues and marketing opportunities.

Filter dashboards to view specific campaigns, date ranges and user profiles

User interests and demographic data along with devices information and how they move around your site

Dashboard and tracking setup

We will set up the tools and services necessary to ensure the correct information goes to your dashboard, including Google Analytics, Data Studio and Search Console.

  • Goals & Conversion for key site activities including, directions and phone call link interactions. Includes setting up source attribution.
  • Search console for site performance and keywords on Google
  • Facebook pixel with conversions and audience tracking to match
  • Adwords conversion and remarketing with cost data linked to the same conversion goals and audience data
  • External Campaign Tracking to ensure campaigns are getting tagged correctly with UTM codes
  • Form conversions with their value and source and create audiences for remarketing.
  • On-site search tracking setup in Google Analytics.
  • Email campaigns tagging so we can see them in our reporting correctly

Good to know

  • Campaign tracking is dependent on your campaign being tagged correctly with UTM codes which add additional information on to links to your site, so you know their source. We provide documentation and training about how to get them tracked correctly.
  • Admin access to your Google Analytics, Data Studio, Search Console, website and marketing tools is needed to review everything and ensure it is all set up correctly. If you don’t have all of these things set up, we can help you get them sorted.
  • Cost data is always available from Adwords. Data from Facebook and other sources can also be imported but may require additional services and time.
  • Compatible services Our dashboards are designed for sites using WordPress and WooCommerce along with commonly used marketing platforms including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Create Send. There are additional solutions for other systems.

Analysis and Coaching

We offer pro-active analysis and coaching where we review the performance and have a 30-minute monthly coaching session to provide insights and set activities to undertake and to improve your performance. Additional review and implementation time is available within a support block.

Business Intelligence

Get even better oversight of your business. We can take your dashboards and tracking to your internal tools and processes, creating KPI and performance data for your sales and proposals, CRM and other systems.


Initial setup

Dashboard setup – $446 ex GST
Set up your website, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Search Console and marketing tools to ensure that everything is being tracked correctly.

Ongoing reporting options

Monthly reporting – $24/mo ex GST
Monthly reports and an on-demand dashboard for you to monitor your site and marketing performance. We can investigate, recommend or implement optimisations at your request.

Monthly reporting + Analysis and coaching – $124/mo ex GST
Reports and dashboard along with pro-active analysis and coaching where we review the performance and have a 30-minute monthly coaching session to provide insights and set activities to undertake and to improve your performance. Additional review and implementation time is available within a support block.

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