Push the right buttons!

If there’s one absolute certainty in web design, it’s that buttons are the hot thing right now in web design. For important actions, rather than using links research shows that website visitors love to push buttons. They generate more clicks, and they convert more sales. There is an art to the science though. If you have too many buttons, they won’t stand out, and people will lose interest.

In this era of web design, we are seeing a lot more flexibility in what elements of your site can be created individually and unhindered, and what is created as a static image. There is now ways to create such icons as buttons, without creating images. This is good because, the specifications, sizing, colour, shape etc. can all be formatted to originate on the screen when it loads. This saves loading time between screens, and keeps the pages looking need and tidy. It also means that such constituents, are easily modified.

The final push for buttons and images…

Some deliberation should always go into how each part of a design should be created, to make sure the design doesn’t harm it’s functionality. We’re moving away from the ad-hoc, ‘who cares along as it looks good’ ways of the past. Some good questions to ask are; which parts need to be easily and frequently modified? Which parts are likely going to cause contingencies when loading or rescaling?


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