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Ongoing support & improvements

Hosting and Support

Save up to 30%

Get direct contact with your personal developer. Pre-paid discounted support time blocks with an SLA and a processes built to make it easy for you to report issues and get them resolved quickly and accurately.

Get support

You are not only part of our system. You are part of our team

We have built our support process from the ground up, focusing on transparency and collaboration.

Our sites are built to be easily managed and updated by our clients. When things go wrong, or you’d like to work with us on improvements, we offer three levels of ongoing support:

  • Ad-Hoc – Email, phone and real-time chat support, direct to our experienced development team.
  • Time Blocks – Discounted time blocks for flexible and accountable ongoing support and updates.
  • Retainers – Support retainers for clients requiring guaranteed availability of our team resources.

With a service level agreement for guaranteed response times, our ongoing support includes tools and processes to make it easy for you to report issues and get them resolved quickly and accurately.

We look forward to supporting you!

Access to the whole team
We run on Crisp, a shared support system with one email – [email protected] – Our entire team uses it so that we turn things around quickly and ensure nothing is missed in an inbox.

Transparent, shared project board
You can access a Shared Trello board for task reporting and project management. We use the same board to manage your tasks internally, so the status is always up to date, and it is easy for us to collaborate with your team.

Streamlined scoping and approvals
We have streamlined the approval process to define and scoop tasks within your project board. After you log a task, we estimate the time for your approval, and they can then go straight into a developer’s schedule. Critical issues can also be started and worked on immediately if required.

Direct developer updates
Developers can update you directly on tasks through the project boards, and you can ask questions without delay.

Our support service uses pre-paid discounted time blocks. They can apply to any service and do not expire.

Service-level agreement
We provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for support service clients, guaranteeing response times. They allow us to work together to proactively plan and work on the site and rapidly address problems when they occur.

Shared project board

We use Trello to manage your projects and tasks. To help collaborate, we will share that same board with your team. You can also access your board from your website admin.

You can attach images links, todos and add comments. When you add the comments, you can @mention people to notify them of a comment.

We use an agile process. Tasks move from left to right through the Trello columns (called lists).

  • Backlog – You roadmap and plan. Features and ideas that are not ready to be worked on right away. We won’t move tasks out of backlog unless they are approved to work on.
  • To do – Tasks you want us to work on. Higher priority items are at the top of the list. You can rearrange these and let us know with an @mention when your priority changes.
  • Awaiting client – If needed, we will create a column with tasks that need your attention.
  • In Progress – Tasks currently being worked on.
  • QA (Quality Assurance) – Completed tasks ready for your testing and approval. We will @mention you when they are ready to test. You can move the tasks back to the top of the To Do column or to Done and @mention the developer depending on if the tasks needs more work or is complete.
  • Done – Once tasks are completed and live they are moved here for future reference.

Submitting issues

It is best to submit all issues via our support form A link is also available from your website admin and Trello board. We will be alerted of the request and will triage it and send it to your Trello board with an update.

If it is a Critical issue please also let us know via telephone/SMS if convenient to avoid any delays.

Card labels

We use Trello labels to organise cards. These are the little coloured boxes on Trello cards. You can click them to expand and see their names. They can be updated and filtered on as needed.


  • 💬 Enquiry – I have a question
  • ⚠️ Minor – We need a fix scheduled, but it isn’t urgent
  • 🚨 Major – We need it sorted ASAP
  • 🔥 Critical – OMG Everything is Broken


  • 🐞 Bug – Something is broken/not working!
  • ❤️ Support – I need help
  • 🎁 Improvement – A task/new functionality
  • 💡 Idea – I have an idea to discuss

Time estimates

Times are appended to the end of the title. It is used to communicate scoping status and time allocated to task.

  • 1h – Task has been scoped, this is the time
  • SCOPE – Task needs time scoped.
  • TBC – Time & materials. Task can be worked on without scope. Useful for Critical tasks.

Time block cards

  • Time block cards have a special header image and label (⏱Time Block)
  • We update the time block to show the time in the block and remaining
  • They have a checklist to track the tasks under them and whether they are complete

Other Trello features

  • Due date – The due date relates to the current stage, so if it is not scoped, it is the date for the task to be scoped. If it is in To Do, it is the time scheduled for completion.
  • Members – The current person signed to a task will be added as a member. If you create a new task, you can add your project lead along with the expected due date. We will add you to tasks when they are ready for QA or they need your attention.
  • Subscribe – You can subscribe/watch a task to get all updates to it.
  • Files – You can attach urls and upload files to cards for reference.
  • Checklists – Checklist can be used to keep track of smaller tasks on a card.

Support service level agreement

Submit all issues via our support form for the SLA times to apply. If it is a Critical issue please also let us know via telephone/SMS if convenient to avoid any delays.

Issues are ranked based on their business impact:

💬 Enquiry – I have a question
For queries, new features, request for quotes.
We will respond within 3 business days.

⚠️ Minor – We need a fix scheduled, but it isn’t urgent
Issues that affect a small number of users or do not substantially impact the function of the site. Includes cosmetic issues, minor admin issues.
We will respond within 2 business days.

🚨 Major – We need it sorted ASAP
Issues affecting revenue generation or a substantial functionality, but are not of critical business impact or critical issues that have a temporary work-around so there is more time to fix them.
We will respond within 1 business day.

🔥 Critical – OMG Everything is Broken – Issue significantly impacting the site functionality or a large number of users including site being offline, inability to purchase and data loss. We will respond within 4 business hours.

Response times

Response times relate to the severity of the issue. A response is an acknowledgement of receipt of the issue and allocation of suitable resources to attend to its analysis and finding an appropriate resolution or workaround.

Issues worked on outside of business hours, can be charged at double-time, or deferred to business hours.

Response guarantee

For each full day an issue is not responded to in the promised timeframes, we will extend your support block by 3 hours at no charge.

Support options

Hourly ad-hoc support

5 hour block
17% Discount

10 hour block
22% Discount

20 hour block
25% Discount

40 hour block
30% Discount

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